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Furnished with love


Our apartment has a beautiful, bright, large kitchen with everything that vacationers heart coveted. 

We provide an oven, stove, fridge with freezer compartment, microwave, coffee maker and a nice selection of tea and coffee.

There is also no shortage of crockery and kitchen utensils.

140 - 8282EC38-A4CB-4135-B5C1-A42727E258C0.jpeg
124 - 99F27F4F-F50B-497F-BA3F-BFEAB848E9DB.jpeg

Montafon parlour

The traditional Montafon parlor is cozy and inviting, just to feel good. She has access to the kitchen and also to the balcony. 

72 - 0E07B2A2-D052-415E-A60F-5945746B92CE.jpeg
74 - 19FBC76E-7D75-4905-996D-703C4254A58D.jpeg
56 - 1F0E5564-0339-4F1D-9978-CC6047A158C1.jpeg
Living - dining area

There is plenty of space here for a cozy get-together. Be it for community games, food, watching TV.

the sofa bed can accommodate two people,

The curtain, which can be used to separate the room, gives a touch of privacy.  

41 - F1D517A2-E872-42FD-845B-B2CAAA8DA48A.jpeg
120 - 2C0E96BC-B62A-4CCE-AAEF-9BC2FD9E5A3C.jpeg
Bedroom Pure Pure

This bedroom can accommodate two people.

Enough storage space and direct access to the balcony

40 - 63BA086F-3169-41AD-AF05-8416E789065E.jpeg
32 - F4472223-65EF-43E4-BFE7-10F3A01F1649.jpeg
92 - 65C77E6B-E90F-478C-958D-3F5C00E2688D.jpeg
18 - 49EE10F6-CB92-46CD-A70C-FFE60EE7C221.jpeg
bedroom green

This bedroom can also accommodate two people in a French bed


and direct access to the terrace with garden

94 - 91B359D4-39EF-433C-BE54-8A499767BB47.jpeg
24 - CF431B57-86B9-4C2D-A15C-A281FCB0A2D5_edited.jpg
bedroom blue

This bedroom also has direct access to the balcony.

There is space for one person here.

30 - 91B91D8C-261E-42FE-9338-1FA731621555.jpeg
134 - EE01EA84-CB4D-420A-9E22-1CA9663CD2BF.jpeg
126 - 9D9EF5BB-AE1D-4351-9150-7FB414EE77D6.jpeg

Small but nice

our bathroom has a separate shower and a bathtub for relaxing minutes


Lovingly furnished separate toilet

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